Rowing At Sea is a small label dedicated to richness of texture, meaning and pure intentions. We hope that our releases will be an invitation to travel, first inside to discover what it is you want to bring into being - then encouragement to go forth into the world and create it. Rowing At Sea was founded by Ryan Francesconi in spring 2007.

Our partner labels are Sweet Dreams (Japan) and Time Release Records (USA).

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Ryan Francesconi
RF & Lili De La Mora


# artist title
RAS 001 RF & Lili De La Mora Eleven Continents
RAS 002 Ryan Francesconi Parables

Ryan Francesconi's "Parables"
Catalog Number: RAS 002 / SDLP 001 / SDCD 003
1 Sheet: Download PDF
Preview: Myspace, YouTube
Released: April, 2010
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Rowing At Sea has made available Parables on vinyl, and the CD release is done by Sweet Dreams in Japan. Distributed by Drag City.

"Ryan Francesconi is one of the most awe-inspiring musicians I've known. On "Parables," he distills his many realms of artistry -- his unmistakable compositional voice, his mastery of bulgarian folk technique and form, his comprehensive classical background, and his virtuoso, incomparable mind-melting guitar stylings -- into a beautifully minimalist, poetic, intricate, emotionally realized study of themes, variations, organic counterpoint, and such devastating forays into fractal-metric out-lands that it is nearly impossible to believe he's picking those strings with just one hand. This is solo music that sounds like an ensemble, an ecstatic and measured reconciliation of West African / Balkan / Baroque / bluegrass influences, which ultimately resembles nothing I know. " -Joanna Newsom
01 Parables
02 Parallel Lights
03 Deep Rivers Run Quiet
04 Palios Karsilamas
05 With Hands
06 Elder Brother
07 Pravo
08 Lost Years
Ryan Francesconi - Solo Guitar

RF & Lili De La Mora's "Eleven Continents"
Catalog Number: RAS 001
1 Sheet: Download PDF
Preview: Last.fm Radio
Video: YouTube
Released: July, 2007

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"In addition to Ryan Francesconi's deftly picked guitar and Lili De La Mora's breathy voice, wisps of cello, trumpet, flute, and harp drift through the album gentle as a breeze, never upsetting its delicate balance. The result is music that moves efficiently without sounding hollow and artificial, music that is full of embellishment while sounding neither gaudy nor ostentatious. The album's finest moments, though, come when the silvery tones of Joanna Newsom's harp join the mix. The album's title track unfurls to reveal a rushing, ever-growing spiral of graceful guitars, playful harp strings, and fragile, pensive vocals. Every note sounds as if it has been bathed in silvery twilight." - Jason Morehead, OpusZine

01 Through the Trees
02 Fences
03 Miles and Miles
04 Kings
05 Hundreds of Threads
06 Cherry Park
07 Fascinated
08 Newt Crossing
09 11:11
10 Steep Ravine
11 Eleven Continents
12 Lifetime
Lili De La Mora - lead vocals
Fabiola Sanchez - vocals, lead on 4
Ryan Francesconi - guitar, bass, rhodes
Ken Negrete - piano, rhodes
Joanna Newsom - harp
Heather Lockie - viola
Shaun Darius Gottlieb - cello
James King - flute
Eric Oberthaler - trumpet
Tolga Yenilmez - percussion

Artwork by Mijn Schatje
Produced by Ryan Francesconi and Ken Negrete

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